Spektra is based on a fascination for the fluorescent tube - a continuous beam of light.

The lamp is operated by such a light source, but dampens its glare and multiplies its diameter. The result is an object in which the entire body shines as a light source, the illuminant disappears and a tube of diffuse light is created.

Spektra can act flexibly in space, adapt to different situations, support them or determine them itself. The lamp can be placed in various ways: lying, hanging, standing, standing behind other objects – therefore covering a broad spectrum of lighting conditions and possibilities.

The connection to the power grid is included in the form, the cable is not hidden, but wrapped around the outside of the bar. The holder for the power cable, which also serves as a hook for hanging the luminaire, is formally continued with the carrying handle of the luminaire, which also serves as an elevation when Spektra is placed on the floor.

By riveting the ends of the plastic parts, they can be joined directly to the light source without the use of adhesives, so that it is sufficient to simply plug them together during production. The two end caps of the luminaire, which serve as contacts for the light and as holders can be detached at any time. This allows an easy replacement of the lamp. The recesses in these ensure air circulation in the tube.