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PS2 - The People Smart Sculpture . An EU-funded project for participatory urban development.

PS2 stands for “The People’s Smart Sculpture”.It is a collaborative multidisciplinary project co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the EU from 2014 to 2018. PS2 fosters participative art and collaborative urban art and culture processes in Europe´s cross-cultural city spaces.

It is constituted by 12 project partners in 11 subprojects in 8 European countries that involved as cultural innovators 760 artists, 628 creative & culture professionals and 152 scientists from over 30 countries worldwide.

The ambitious goal of the PS2 project was to develop new perspectives and a new scope for two of the most important topics of today.

For the PS2 project the answers can be found in the creative use and mixture of artistic methods and art-related thinking in combination with digital participation technologies and tools. Therefore PS2 conceded art to a role beyond the exclusive cultural scope. In PS2 art is to be understood as social art.

The approach worked on two levels: the implementation of cultural participation projects by artists, creatives and researchers and the ongoing optimization of the art and participation aspects in these projects through reflection and evaluation in participatory workshop series and events in the 8 partner countries. Diverse groups of people were integrated into a practical dimension of re-design of the urban environment. Thanks to an extensive and committed interaction and collaboration between the 12 partners PS2 produced plenty of remarkable and sustainable results.

The future of participatory processes in society and urban development. How can we increase active citizenship and make participation a general culture technique in our diverse societies?

The future of urban development itself and the complex challenges of the urban sphere. How can we design the transformation of our living spaces?  

The PS2 project has resulted in a European toolbox of staging techniques and technologies to actively engage artist and audiences in complex aesthetic, philosophical and political questions about urban development.