Pepe connects the round table with a rectangular, narrow table. Designed for a common room in which many different activities take place, it has the possibility to offer use and space for a wide variety of situations.

The freeform looks unfamiliar at first - but challenges to approach it emotionally and functionally to understand it. Conceived for a maximum number of up to 8 people, the shape of the table allows a variety of seating constellations to each other. Due to the constantly breaking shape, no sitting position repeats itself, each offers a different shape and angle of view of the table. Intuitively, the area can be chosen that best suits the current mood and activity.

The yellow underside of the tabletop contrasts with the grey surface. Reflections on the legs and surroundings of the table create a bright aura. At first glance functionally absurd, this choice of colour resonates strongly on an emotional level. The knowledge of the hidden underside of the table conveys a feeling of familiarity - knowing the secret.

There are also positive and negative recesses on the table. They serve to place certain objects and objects - and thus create order and highlighting.