A dedication to the diversity of life

Life is a wondrous cycle that runs in dynamic waves and waves.
Everyone leaves his traces and an incomparable structure of life memories, relationships and uniqueness. 

We go through our lives in our very own way, collecting pictures, impressions and peculiarities on this journey that allow us to blossom into something that is irreplaceable and unique.

We become unique. 

This distinctiveness of our being deserves a special dedication.

The unique feature of a Postforma ©

Our urns are unique specimens which are inspired by each individual - similar to the postscript, the attachment to a letter, postforma is the attachment to life.

The personalization is based on the details of the deceased person. The basic structure that we have designed oscillates differently each time through this information, forming waves and breaks and finally forming a unique picture.

Similar to the annual rings of a tree, each urn grows layer by layer to its final shape. This is done with our patent-pending Postforma© algorithm.



Designed for the occasion

The idea of the OPAL - Postforma urn was born at the Bauhaus University Weimar. The design embodies the principle of clear, harmonious and at the same time exciting design.

Every component of the urn is given consistent attention. The result is a souvenir that convinces through quality and attention to detail.

The founding project was supported by programmes such as the EXIST start-up grant and the SIGNO programme of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy of the Federal Republic of Germany.


According to your wishes

It is our concern to create every Postforma urn in memory of the deceased and according to the wishes of our customers.

In addition to the personalization by the data of the deceased person, the urn can also be adapted in a variety of ways.

Through this personal co-design, each urn becomes an unmistakable dedication to the deceased. 







Pear / Ash / Walnut tree

Pearl Selection


Everything from a single source

Using modern 3D printing processes, the body of every Postforma urn is produced in a resource-saving manner and without the production of waste products.

In the sense of this responsible production, the use of biodegradable materials and woods from domestic forests is of utmost importance to us.

Through complete in-house production, we incorporate this environmental awareness into all our manufacturing to create a product that embodies respect in all areas. Thus we create holistic quality - Made in Germany.



OPAL - Postforma Urnen is a company from Bremen, which was founded in 2006 by Peter Schwartz in cooperation with Karolina Kraus. The project was supported among other things by the EXIST founder scholarship and the SIGNO program of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy of the Federal Republic of Germany.

The idea for an individualizable unique urns was born during Peter Schwartz's diploma thesis at the Bauhaus-
University of Weimar. The topic was the investigation of the direct relationship between man and object. In particular, a product was to be created which, far from mass production, artistically captures the uniqueness of a person, tells stories and embodies memories.

The core of the company's philosophy is the appreciation of each deceased person through a unique final dedication.


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