A selection of 66 variations from the infinite variety of human skin tones.

The infinite diversity of mankind

Because at the core we are all one. We all differ, but are all of the same origin. Brothers and sisters - forget old days and celebrate the age of unifying globalization.

The Inaccurate Average Skintone

The work The Inaccurate Average Skintone / One Human plays with the idea of mixing all existing people into one archetype / overcoming the boundaries of difference. The focus here is on the search for the resulting skin tone of this person. 


Global skin tones

To illustrate the distribution of different skin tones around the world in 2009, the map provides a breakdown to 7 different tones.

⬆ 2009

Population density

Map of the population of the different regions. The 2008 file was selected to overlap with the map year of global skin tones.

⬆ 2008

Distribution of color tones by population
- with a combination of both world maps.

Proportional mixing
of the final color tone.

The Inaccurate Average Skintone

Colorcode #A27D66