The vessel of the Noosphere is the attempt to receive a physical echo of persons, to consolidate a memory of man in form.

Noo, after the ancient Greek νοῦς nous, means mind.

The term noosphere was coined at the beginning of the 20th century by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, the scientist Wladimir Iwanowitsch Wernadski and Édouard Le Roy. According to their theories, it represents the third sphere in the development of the world.

1. Geosphere, the inanimate matter 
2. Biosphere, the biological life 
3. Noosphere, the thought 

The main matter of the noosphere is the thought. 

It is the result of an evolutionary transformation from the biosphere into a sphere of human reason. Just as the emergence of life has changed the geosphere, the everlasting human search for knowledge will change the biosphere.
In this new world, man will be connected to everything and will act and communicate on a purely mental level. The physical will have dissolved and man will exist as pure consciousness. 

According to the physicist Frank J. Tipler, mankind as a biological species will die out in the long run. However, it will store and archive its entire culture and its complete information content.

Combined with technological developments such as virtual reality and quantum computers, this offers the possibility of virtual life simulation - a simulation in which every (then perfected) human being rises in a virtual universe.

The possibilities of the future information processing of our cosmic children will be so enormous that all conceivable universes will be perfectly simulated and these emulations will be identical to reality. 

If our consciousness is stored and exists beyond our death in virtual eternity, the question arises as to the place of storage of these post-human beings. The noosphere represents an emergent state of our technology, there will still be physical containers for its underlying technology. It is conceivable that these post-human beings only exist on mass memories of super-computers. Data centers would accommodate thousands of people at the same time, there would be no differentiation according to their "real" appearance.

The vessel of the noosphere arises in dependence on the personal characteristics of a person.

The outer form is formed by a basic structure. This is defined by several rings which stand for the different characteristics of a person. Information such as DNA, fingerprints, eye colour, but also private contemporary events, deform these rings with the help of an algorithm.

These deformations, which are dependent on the individual, create their own form for each person.

The basic idea of the Vessel of the Noosphere led in 2016 to the foundation of
Opal - Postforma Urnen.