Graphic design for the Public Urban Lab - Express Yourself / City for the Hochschule Bremen.

The project included the design of the program and information flyer, banners and posters for the presentation before and during the event. The cooperation took place in cooperation with the M2C - Institute for Applied Media Research Bremen.

With the Public Urban Lab the first participative laboratory for (digital) urban development took place in Bremen in 2016. It was about mediation and participation in art, schools, culture, urban planning, economy and more.

The Public Urban Lab - that was 28 events on 6 days: discussion rounds, workshops, art events, presentations in and around a white overseas container at the main station. More than 40 top-class international guests from urban planning and business, art, culture, computer science, design and architecture enriched the event. Hundreds of discussions on which residents of all ages could try out new systems and tools for the participative change of the city put the participative basic idea in the foreground.

The Public Urban Lab is part of the project "The People's Smart Sculpture PS2" funded by the European Union, as well as the sub-projects "Express Yourself/city", "The Public Space as Shared Museum" and the research cluster "Mobile Life" of the Bremen University of Applied Sciences.