The concept of Colo breaks with the old handling of a dishwasher. It is a reduction of the machine to the essential - oriented towards the user.

Colo melts the machine with the sink. There is also a reduction of the effort of operation. The dishes no longer have to be sorted individually, but are placed in the sink by trays, which also serve as a shelf unit.

The Colo dishwasher concept is the result of intensive research into the kitchen.

Through surveys, observation through video and image, and the examination of the history and development of the kitchen, this space could be defined and better understood. This research showed that although the dishwasher had developed technologically, its handling and design had remained essentially the same.

By testing different prototypes, a new dishwasher concept was developed, which minimized the effort and space required. Models were used to determine the optimum size and maximum possible weight of the trays. In addition, it was important that no major changes were made to the kitchen itself in order to integrate the new concept. The sink therefore has the dimensions of a standard sink on the market and can therefore be integrated into any household.



In cooperation with Helene Steiner