Design, concept and development of the design for Manifest of Practise . An exhibition of the Bauhaus University Weimar - on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus .

In cooperation with René Schwolow

The Bauhaus - the most innovative modern art school - was founded in Weimar. 
Today - 100 years later - the Bauhaus University Weimar is one of the hotspots of German and European universities where art, design and architecture are taught.

"Manifest of Practice" presents contemporary positions of the Faculty of Art and Design and exemplifies the current dialogue between artistic and design disciplines at the university. This "Campus of Ideas" stands for international and interdisciplinary cooperation in the 21st century.



Manifest of Practice
Art and Design
Bauhaus University Weimar

visible, tangible, audible

17 January - 01 February 2019

Monday to Friday - 9 - 18 o'clock
free entrance

Thüringer Staatskanzlei
Vertretung des Freistaats Thüringen beim Bund 
Mohrenstraße 64
10117 Berlin




Manifest of Practise

Concept: Markus Weisbeck & Wolfgang Sattler
Curatorial Team: Adrian Palko & Kristian Gohlke
Coordination: Elke Beilfuß
Exhibition design: René Schwolow & Peter Schwartz
Communication: Sophia Gräfe